Research Administration Information Network Runs Every Third Tuesday

Oregon Health and Sciences University (OSHU) Image:
Oregon Health and Sciences University (OSHU)

A senior director for IT solution delivery at Standard Insurance Company in Portland, Oregon, Graeme Queen is responsible for supporting a number of the firm’s key business units. Graeme Queen also donates to several 501 charities including Oregon Health and Sciences University (OSHU), which offers an array of training and educational opportunities for its research community. The university’s research staff has the opportunity to participate in the monthly meetings of the Research Administration Information Network (RAIN).

RAIN meetings provide university staff members who participate in research administration with a regular forum to share research and engage in training activities. Meeting activities include National Institutes of Health (NIH) updates, administration award presentations, and research development and administration staffing announcements. University staff may attend meetings in person or through West Campus videoconferencing. Additionally, staff may watch a live stream of the meeting and access archived records of past meetings through OSHU’s website.

Meetings occur on the third Thursday of every month at the OSHU Auditorium in the University Health South 8B60. Each meeting generally begins at 9:30 am and runs until 11 am. Attendees are also encouraged to send feedback and monthly agenda requests by contacting a RAIN coordinator.

To learn more about RAIN meetings, visit


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