Three Kitchen Utensil Tips for the Novice Cook

Kitchen Utensils pic
Kitchen Utensils

In 2008, Graeme Queen earned his MBA in finance from Portland State University, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. At home, Graeme Queen is currently teaching himself how to cook.

Cooking your own food can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. If you want to start cooking more, follow these three tips to get the most out of your cooking equipment.

1. Thermometers. Novice cooks are notorious for cutting into their meats to see if they are done. Sure, you will be able to tell if your chicken breast is done, but you will also let out all those wonderfully delicious juices cooking inside the meat and dry it out in the process. A good digital thermometer lets you check the internal temperature of what you cook, which acts as a more precise guide than eyeballing.

2. Knife Maintenance. Harold Dieterle, winner of the first season of reality TV show Top Chef, says sharp knives are likely the most valuable tool in the kitchen. Where a sharp knife would dice through that carrot like butter, a dull one requires much more time and energy for the same result. While home sharpening is fine, consider getting your knives professionally sharpened on a yearly basis.

3. Pots and Pans. Instead of buying a set that contains a pot and pan in every imaginable size, consider instead spending that money on a few high-quality options. Large sets may seem like a bargain, but the individual pieces are often poorly made and of low quality. A big frying pan, a sauce pan, and a large pot are a good starting point, and they will take up far less room than that 10-piece set.


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