Three Tips for Running Your First 5K

First 5K pic
First 5K

Graeme Queen works in Portland, Oregon, as the senior director of IT solutions delivery for an insurance company. In addition to his professional work, Graeme Queen is an avid runner who has completed multiple 5K, 10K, and marathon runs.

If you are getting ready for your first 5K run, these tips will help you do your best on race day.

1. Arrive Early – Race events are often packed with spectators, runners, and staff. Getting there early ensures you will have enough time to make it to the starting line before the race starts. It also helps to know which streets are closed for the race, something the race organizers will be able to tell you.

2. Have Fun – You have trained hard for this day and your nerves may be firing, making it hard to calm down and just enjoy the event. Do not worry about how you will perform. At your first race, you should not expect to come in first place. Work hard and push yourself, but do not be too hard on yourself or let nerves ruin your day. Wherever you finish provides a milestone you can improve upon next time.

3. Volunteer for a Race – Before you run your first race, consider volunteering at one to get a close look at how they operate. You will learn about the whole event and process more deeply than you would simply as a spectator. This can help you avoid novice mistakes by giving you an inside look at the process before your actual race.


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