Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul pic
Aaron Paul
Image: imdb.com

A senior director of an IT solution delivery team, Graeme Queen earned his MBA from Portland State University, where he was a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. In his free time, Graeme Queen enjoys watching drama series and counts Breaking Bad as one of his favorites.

Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman in the popular series, won three Primetime Emmy Awards for his portrayal of the character. Paul won the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series award in 2010, 2012, and 2014. It was a breakthrough role for the actor who had previously never had a lead role in a film or television series.

In fact, one of Paul’s minor roles earlier in his career played a part in him landing the role of Pinkman for Breaking Bad. In 2001, he played a guest role as David “Sky Commander Winky” Winkle on an episode of The X-Files, a show for which Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan wrote episodes. Gilligan recognized Paul when he came to audition for Breaking Bad, especially because the “Sky Commander Winky” moniker was the nickname of Gilligan’s real-life college friend.

SSMO Foundation’s 2017 Valley Catholic Gala

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon  pic
Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon
Image: ssmo.org

A senior director of IT solution delivery teams in Portland, Oregon, Graeme Queen is experienced in areas of software development and infrastructure outsourcing. Outside of the office, Graeme Queen contributes to local non-profit groups, such as the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon (SSMO) Foundation.

Every year, the SSMO Foundation hosts a variety of fundraising events to support the educational services that it provides to the community. One of their most important fundraising events is the Valley Catholic Gala, which provides funding for Valley Catholic School’s operating expenses and financial aid packages for select students.

This year’s Valley Catholic Gala took place on Saturday, February 11th at Montgomery Park. People from the local community came together to celebrate the good work that the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon were doing in providing quality education at Valley Catholic.

At this year’s event two students spoke as representatives of the school’s student body. They shared the highs and lows of their experience at the institution. The night also included dinner, drinks, and a raffle.

Newport Marathon Prepares for 2017 Race on June 7

Newport Marathon pic
Newport Marathon
Image: newportmarathon.com

A graduate of Portland State University’s MBA program, Graeme Queen is an avid runner. Graeme Queen has competed in numerous races, including the Newport Marathon. He ran the race and finished with a time of 3:19:13 in 2014 and a time of 3:22:01 in 2015.

With its first race in 1999, the Newport Marathon has grown in number of participants over the years. It started with 318 registered participants, and it now caps the number at 1,000. Beginning at Yaquina Bay State Park, the Newport Marathon winds its way along the shores of Yaquina Bay. The race starts approximately 60 feet above sea level and includes a short steep hill at mile 4. Certified by USA Track & Field, the course is a Boston Marathon and Olympic Marathon trials qualifier.

The 2016 race, which took place on June 4, saw 502 runners completing the race, with 256 women crossing the finish line. Daniel Kinsella finished with a time of 2:27:42 while on the women’s side, Katie Wolfe ended with a time of 2:58:20. The 2017 race is scheduled for June 7, 2017.

Oregon Public Broadcasting Announces New Children’s Programming Option

Oregon Public Broadcasting  pic
Oregon Public Broadcasting
Image: opb.org

Since 2011, Graeme Queen has served as senior director of the IT solution delivery department for a large Insurance provider located in Portland, Oregon. In his spare time, Graeme Queen enjoys reading books and watching television, and supports Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB).

Founded in 1922 with a college-based AM radio station, OPB delivers news and entertainment to the Northwest from its headquarters in Portland. OPB strives to connect more than 1.5 million people weekly through its radio, television, Internet portals, and through mobile devices.

In January 2017, OPB announced changes to its television channel lineup to give people access to more viewing choices. Viewers in Oregon and southern Washington now can see a channel exclusively showing children’s programming, called the PBS Kids Channel. This features 24-hour programming seven days a week, and is available free for direct-reception antenna users and through most cable providers. OPB added that viewers can access the programs through the website, http://www.opb.org/kidsfamily and via the free PBS KIDS video app.