The Wire – HBO’s Groundbreaking Series


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The Wire

As the senior director of IT solution delivery at Standard Insurance Company of Portland, OR, Graeme Queen oversees applications and support services for the firm’s business units. In his leisure time, Graeme Queen enjoys The Wire, a television series that ran for five seasons in the 2000s on HBO.

Ten years later, many critics still consider it to be among television’s finest series. Writing for Slate magazine, Jacob Weisberg praised the show for its portrayal of broken social institutions in the city of Baltimore.

The Wire takes an unflinching look at the isolation of the African-American underclass. While the show focuses on drug dealing and anti-narcotics police work, it also examines the city’s political and educational systems. Its multiplicity and richness of characters reminded some observers of Dickens.

Although its producers had to fight for renewal every season, The Wire has had a significant impact on Hollywood. It featured several black actors in its large cast, and boosted the careers of Michael K. Williams, Idris Elba, and Michael B. Jordan.

Winner of the prestigious Peabody Award in 2004, The Wire became more popular after its run on HBO, thanks to DVD sales and the then-new phenomenon of binge watching.