SSMO Foundation’s 2017 Valley Catholic Gala

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon  pic
Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon

A senior director of IT solution delivery teams in Portland, Oregon, Graeme Queen is experienced in areas of software development and infrastructure outsourcing. Outside of the office, Graeme Queen contributes to local non-profit groups, such as the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon (SSMO) Foundation.

Every year, the SSMO Foundation hosts a variety of fundraising events to support the educational services that it provides to the community. One of their most important fundraising events is the Valley Catholic Gala, which provides funding for Valley Catholic School’s operating expenses and financial aid packages for select students.

This year’s Valley Catholic Gala took place on Saturday, February 11th at Montgomery Park. People from the local community came together to celebrate the good work that the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon were doing in providing quality education at Valley Catholic.

At this year’s event two students spoke as representatives of the school’s student body. They shared the highs and lows of their experience at the institution. The night also included dinner, drinks, and a raffle.